The Unique Nature of the Texas License To Carry

What makes a Texas license to carry different than a license to carry from any other state in the union? To accurately answer this question would require a thorough job researching all the license to carry statutes in all fifty states and then comparing the various components of each to look for similarities and differences. To perform this task might very well prove to be an interesting and rewarding endeavor. Accordingly, I invite any reader of the Gun Shop Texas blog to undertake this task if he or she is so inclined. When your research is complete, please forward it to our mail room and we will use your work as the content for a great many blog posts to come.


Another interesting subject to research might be the very words used to write the license to carry statute for the state of Texas. What I am suggesting is to really break down the language and analyze what was truly intended by the specific words chosen for the statute and indeed the order in which the words are presented in the text. Again, I invite any reader of the Gun Shop Texas blog who is so inclined to undertake this endeavor to do so and then to forward to our mail room the fruits of your many hours of labor.

Researching gun laws can be interesting because to draft any piece of gun legislation probably requires a delicate balance between respecting the rights of the citizens to carry a firearm with the necessity of maintaining order and public safety. Depending upon how each statute is written one can determine which aims any particular state prioritizes at a higher level. As always, we here at the Gun Shop Texas blog deeply appreciates the efforts of our readers who take the time to provide us with the research that makes this blog such a quality source of information on the subject.