Texas License to Carry Requirements

The Chapter 411, Subchapter H of the Texas Government Code defines the legal requirements to obtain a license to carry a firearm in the state of Texas openly. Openly carrying a firearm is defined as the wearing of a firearm in a holster located on the hip or shoulder. Applicants seeking a Texas license to carry must first be at least twenty-one years old unless the applicant is currently serving as an active duty member of the United States Armed Services. Moreover, the applicant seeking a license to carry must also comply with all Federal legal requirements for the purchase of a handgun within the territory of the United States of America.

Many factors may work to disqualify an individual from being able to obtain a Texas license to carry legally. These  factors are defined by law and include but are not limited to (1) having one or more felony convictions on their criminal record, (2) having specific misdemeanor convictions (defined in the statute) on their criminal record which include charges punished by a sentence of probation or deferred adjudication, (3) having specific pending criminal charges (defined in the statute) on their criminal record, (4) currently suffering  from a chemical or alcohol dependency, (5) having been diagnosed as suffering from certain kinds of psychological problems or illnesses (defined in the statute), or (6) currently being subject to a protective order or a restraining order. For a more detailed and precise description of the law, it is advisable to read the statute itself or consult with an attorney.

In addition to meeting these requirements, the applicant must also complete and submit a written application if he applies for a background check for guns. Along with the application, the applicant must pay all necessary and required fees as well as full all mandated training. Finally, the applicant must also submit all additional, required supplemental forms and documents.